Platinum Designs (Gehanaaz) has been in this industry since 2006. The company has gradually involved as one of the leading Jewelry Manufacturer solution base in the INDIA. It has a modern manufacturing facility of jewelry making by Jewelry Manufacturer as per the requirements of the clients. Throughout its history, the company has emphasized on its competitive cost structure, quality and fine jewelry designing , its distinctive styles of work, and most importantly, its top-rated service to the valuable customers of company.

Who We Are

Gold and Silver Jewelry Manufacturer Service Provider in North India.

With 4 RPT CAM Machines and Latest Jewelry Manufacturing Setup .

70 Employees with 20 Professional CAD Designers in-house Team.

Complete set-up of RTV moulding.

Complete set-up of Silver and Gold Casting.

Platinum Designs (Gehanaaz) has a strong team of proficient jewelry designers who makes unique dazzling designs as per requirements of customers. There work is bold, vibrant, intriguing and wearable. Some of the jewelry is simple too. But of course, simplicity does not preclude expressiveness.

The company guarantees you high-quality, timeless designs, and exceptional customer service. Take one trip through our website and you will discover why Platinum ideally yours. Slowly but surely, Jewelry Manufacturer deigning is evolving from its earlier concepts. We have designed your jewelry keeping in mind of the final product.

Jewelry Manufacturer jewelry designing really means to create and bring your jewelry designs to life through computerized software Jewelry Manufacturer. We can you set your business apart from the competition and never look back by jewelry designing with Jewelry Manufacturer jewelry software.

Today making a profit with competitive market is harder than ever. That is how Jewelry Manufacturer jewelry has made it beneficial because of its strengths of time savings and unlimited capabilities. We possible to bring your 3D jewelry dreams to reality by Jewelry Manufacturer.


1. We will assist with your latest fashion designer Jewelry and offer a variety of Design Services which are designed according to our clients. We offer an affordable and high quality service using the latest Cad software and machines.